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Net Neutrality: Take Action

Net neutrality is the principle that internet service providers (ISPs) must enable access to all legal content and applications regardless of the source and without favoring or blocking specific services or websites. Make your voice heard now by emailing your member of Congress to support net neutrality protections.

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How Collection Weeding Makes a Better World

While collections constantly grow, shelf space doesn’t. Join us for a discussion on how Better World Books solves weeding issues and reduces operational costs all while giving new life to your old books, empowering worldwide literacy, and supporting the environment.

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Office 365 Now Supports No Password Expiration

Microsoft Office 365 now supports no expiration on passwords. While there will always be trade-offs between convenience and security in maintaining user accounts and passwords, it is the lack of choice which tends to be irksome.

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Embracing eBooks Like a Boss

Join us as we hear from four public library thought-leaders as they speak to how their libraries address non-fiction collection challenges by embracing Gale eBooks on GVRL…like a boss.

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The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grants: STEM

The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation offers grants of different amounts for projects big and small! Through a fairly simple application process, you can receive anywhere between $1,000 and $20,000 to start projects like bike share programs, art enrichment activities, or STEM exposure projects.

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Wisconsin State Law Library: A to Z topics list

The Wisconsin State Law Library legal topic pages are open to anyone even without a WSLL library card! Browse resources for child support, divorce, small claims, animal law, child welfare, e-cigarettes, consumer complaints and more!

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Why All Libraries Should be Using Facebook Events… and how.

Libraries can and should create events for programs with striking images and a great description as events can be shared through collaborators, Facebook groups, and Facebook users near the library will see the event in their feed. What’s not to love about that?!

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Website Services Webinar

Please join us on November 30th at 1pm for a live webinar introduction to the Libraries Win WordPress website service. This webinar will be recorded.

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Tackling Fake News: American Libraries Live Webinar

In our role as curators, librarians have always been responsible for establishing the authority of information. But with social media’s ability to spread news articles—whether real or not—like wildfire, how can we help our users filter the real from the fake?

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