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RUSA Member Resources for Net Neutrality

Please note the new draft order is scheduled to be voted on by the five...

Net Neutrality, Perspective

Action likely to be taken by the current FCC will not kill Net Neutrality, it will change the rules which will change the dynamic between service providers, service consumers, and regulators but may have anywhere from no to significant impact (in either direction) on quality or value of services.

An Inclusive Technology: Bring Virtual Reality to Your Library for Less than $20

Libraries can capitalize on this newer technology to bring fun as well as educational experiences to nearly ages and abilities. Ages 7 to 100 welcome!

Net Neutrality: Take Action

Net neutrality is the principle that internet service providers (ISPs) must enable access to all legal content and applications regardless of the source and without favoring or blocking specific services or websites. Make your voice heard now by emailing your member of Congress to support net neutrality protections.

Office 365 Now Supports No Password Expiration

Microsoft Office 365 now supports no expiration on passwords. While there will always be trade-offs between convenience and security in maintaining user accounts and passwords, it is the lack of choice which tends to be irksome.

IT Help Desk

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LibrariesWIN Status Page

Check to see if internet services are down or if connectivity to Sierra is disrupted.



Frequently Asked Questions, Sierra, Deep Freeze and Faronics Installation Guides, Computer Purchasing Guide, and more!

WIFI Statistics

View your library’s WIFI statistics. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly report options.


Technology Resources

LibrariesWIN Services

Lean WI is the partnership between WVLS and Indianhead Federated Library Service (IFLS). WVLS and IFLS tech teams have combined their teams’ expertise to provide an excellent service package know as LibrariesWIN. LibrariesWIN services are provided at no extra cost above via member dues.

  • One help desk ticket platform for two systems
  • Deep Freeze & Anti-virus
  • Email
  • Technology Consultation
  • Network support: Routers, Switches
  • Website design and hosting
  • Mobile Hot Spot test devices

See the LeanWI Service Chart for more information.

WVLS Consultation

Technology planning and consultation, including budget planning, is a valuable part of your library’s Library System Membership Benefits.

Please contact with any questions related to services or budget planning.

2016 WVLS Technology Services Survey

The WVLS Technology Team gathered feedback from WVLS member libraries on technology support services to develop a plan for services and technology training in the future.

WVLS Technology Plan 2013-2018

This strategy guide is intended to be a multi-purpose reference. It supports the annually updated Wisconsin Valley Library Service system plan, prescribing mechanisms to meet the goals expressed in that document which imply or expressly demand the need for information technology support. It is also a guide for Information Technology department members, presenting a clear picture of the system’s immediate and long term goals and identifying the means by which to achieve them.

WVLS Technology Initiatives


LibrariesWIN Services Status Updates

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Stay up-to-date as issues arise with automatic email updates as problems are diagnosed, monitored, and resolved.

WI DPI Coding Initiative MS

Coding in Libraries

The Coding Initiative in Wisconsin Public Libraries is underway, and DPI has put together an introductory video for the Coding Initiative.

  • No-tech, low-tech, and high-tech programs introduce coding to all ages! Check out the WisCode Literati website for ideas.
  • Borrow WVLS makerspace kits to introduce coding (Dash and Dot, littleBits, and more!)?
  • Try free coding websites that simplify coding for k-12 students like or

Sprint Pocket Wifi

WIFI Hot Spot Update: Sprint vs. Mobile Beacon

There are two options for mobile hot spot services. Mobile Beacon vs. Sprint services. WVLS and Indianhead Federated Library System (IFLS) have three Sprint Moble Hot Spots availabe for your library to test in your community.

Interested? Contact the Technology Support Services team by emailing

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