Libraries Win Website Services

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Description of Service

Read the Libraries Win Website Services Outline for a full description.

  • IFLS and WVLS libraries.
  • Virtual meeting for libraries interested in website services.
  • Designated library webmaster.
  • Standard WordPress website using the Divi theme.
  • Content gathered from current website and library webmaster.
  • Two co-work days a year.
  • Virtual meetings as needed to review or explore current and future new website options.
  • Website user listserv to distribute information.

Project Requirements

What is a Domain Name System (DNS)? 

  • Contact your Domain Name Service (DNS) provider. The place where your domain name is registered.
    • Have your DNS provider create an “A” record with dev.yourlibrary’scurrentURL.orgorcomorwhatever that points to
  • Content to gather:
    • Files of your library’s logo. (png. jpg.)
    • Library address, phone, email.
    • Staff information and contact information.
    • Any images you would like on your website. (png. jpg.)

Getting Started With Web Design

Website Design Getting Started 2017

  • Planning Your Website
  • Getting Started
  • Design Details: Color, Images
  • Website Testing Tips
  • Resources: Books, Webinars, Articles



Libraries Using WordPress/Divi


Wisconsin Valley Library Service
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LibrariesWIN Status Page

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