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POSITION SUMMARY: This leadership position directs and manages the strategic direction, operations, budget, services, technology, facilities, staff, and collections of the Marathon County Public Library (MCPL). This position is accountable for the success of the organization. This position works closely with various boards, administrative personnel, community members, managers, staff, and customers to meet the needs of its diverse customers. The position reports to the Marathon County Public Library’s Board of Trustees.

QUALIFICATIONS: Master’s Degree in Library Science with seven (7) years of professional librarian’s experience, prior management experience, or any combination of education and experience that provides equivalent knowledge, skills and abilities. Currently hold Public Library Director Certification (s. 43.09(1) Wis. Stats. and PI 6.03(2) Wis. Admin. Code) or be eligible for certification upon employment.

EXAMPLES OF WORK PERFORMED: The following duties are typical for this position. These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive. Other duties may be required and assigned. Library Board, Library Foundation and Friends of the Library Works with the Library Board, provides administrative support to the Library Board; assists the Library Board president in preparing the agenda for board meetings. Assists the Library Board in advancing the interest of the community by effectively governing the operations. Assists the Library Board in the development of library policies. Brings issues and challenges facing the Library to the attention of the Library Board and presents solution recommendations. Assists Library Board President in doing orientation for new board members. Assists the Library Board related to promoting the continuing education and development of board members Is ex officio on Library Foundation Board. Advises Friends of the Library Board. Coordinates the efforts of the Library’s boards, staff, and volunteers to advocate for the Library’s needs to effectively meet customers’ needs Maintains the network between the Library’s boards to ensure smooth communication and focused efforts by the boards towards mission and vision achievement. Community Awareness and Promotion Coordinates and manages efforts to promote the Library and its services to its diverse customers. Coordinates and manages efforts to advocate how the Library is viewed by its communities. Budgeting and Fiscal Manages the daily operations of the organization to maximize value to funding sources. Prepares and administers the organization’s annual budget and financial resources to meet budget. Works with managers and MCPL branches to assure the development of services and programs to assess and meet the needs of urban and rural populations. Develops and submits the Library’s annual budget and justifies the budget to county officials. Leadership and Management Leads and manages managers to maximize communication, commonality of purpose, and partnership throughout the organization. Leads and manages the development and oversight of policies, services, routines, and programs designed to meet the needs of a diverse customer base. Manages the Library, its programs, services, environment, and staff in a manner that insure a “customer-centered” experience. Manages the Library’s staff, resources, programs, and collections to ensure accessibility to everyone in the community. Manages the selection of a collection of library materials that meets the needs of a diverse public. Hires, manages and mentors staff and provides opportunities for growth and successful outcomes. Recommends, creates, enforces, and evaluates organizational policy. Develops and administers policies to assure the Library’s successful daily operations. Leads the development of the Library’s strategic planning process and oversees its successful implementation. Works to assure a pleasant and successful work environment for all staff. Works to assure employees behave consistently with the organization’s core values. Supervises managers in a manner that assures the organization and its staff meet their obligations in a timely, consistent, and efficient manner. Works to develop an “entrepreneurial” mindset throughout the organization. Oversees the maintenance of Library facilities.

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS & ABILITIES: Ability to perform complex data analysis including the ability to audit, deduce, assess, conclude and appraise. Requires discretion in determining and referencing such to established criteria to define consequences and develop alternatives. Ability to provide leadership, management, guidance, assistance and/or interpretation to others, such as co-workers and the public, on how to apply policies, procedures and standards to specific situations. Ability to utilize a variety of advisory data and information such as materials reviews, materials orders, best seller lists, professional journals, bibliographies, calendar, brochures, customer requests, reference materials, statistical reports, program attendance records, websites, computer software operating manuals, procedures, guidelines and non- routine correspondence. Ability to communicate orally and in writing with customers, library staff, students, volunteers and community organizations. Ability to process, calculate, compute, summate, and/or information. Includes the ability to perform subsequent action in relation to these computational operations. Ability and willingness to serve customers and staff with empathy, genuineness, eagerness, energy, and enthusiasm. Ability to show acceptance and understanding by being open, courteous, and considerate. Ability to relate to everyone as a possible source for learning something. Ability to support leadership and management. Willingness to be held accountable for behavior, quality, efficiency and results. Ability to work as a productive and positive team member. Ability to communicate freely, openly, honestly, and accurately. Ability to contribute helpful energy and creative ideas. Capacity to multitask and handle high volumes of work. Ability to follow established procedures in an orderly and logical manner and adhere to prescribed routines.

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