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Join the PLSR Survey Panel. The next phase of the PLSR project is underway, and getting feedback from the user community (libraries and patrons) will be critical.

The primary way feedback will be gathered in this phase is through the PLSR Survey Panel, and we hope you’ll consider joining (if you haven’t already).

Upcoming Surveys:

  • Defining the Help Center Topic Team Survey: 3/6-3-19
  • Regions Topic Team Survey: 3/27-4/9
  • Resource Sharing Topic Team Survey: 3/13-3/26

As the workgroups continue to develop their models, they will need to gather opinions and thoughts from the library community in a systematic way. That’s where the PLSR Survey Panel comes in.

If you join the panel, you’ll receive surveys from the workgroups, topic teams, and project managers. You can respond to all of them or only respond to some. It’ll be up to you! You can also unsubscribe from the panel at any time.

Joining the panel is an important thing you can do to make sure your voice is heard and that the outcome of this process reflects what the library community wants and needs.

Sign up today with this simple form.