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Technology Budget Resources

WPLC Buying Pool 2018

  • The WPLC Buying Pool shares are included in the 2018 Technology Planning Guide labeled Digital Library.
  • In 2017, the WPLC Steering Committee recommended, and the WPLC Board approved an increase in the buying pool of $150,000, bringing the 2018 pool amount to $1,150,000.
  • WVLS will use a “bill behind” method for the digital library shares meaning WVLS member libraries will see an increase in their digital buying pool share in 2019 instead of 2018 to allow for appropriate budget planning. WVLS is helping the membership ease budget planning by absorbing our System’s share of the increase in 2018, approximately $7,580.
  • Please see the WPLC Board website for information, meeting agendas and documents.

V-Cat Budget & Member Shares 2018

WVLS Grants and Scholarships

2017 Budget Resources

2017 V-Cat Budget with Member Shares

2017 WPLC Buying Pool Shares– WVLS member library shares for OverDrive.

Technology Budget Resources

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