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2024 Recordings, Slides & Activity Sheets

– For Managers and Supervisors  Slides    Handouts    Policies    Activity Report
Recording – send a request to Jamie at .
– We Are Already Here   Slides   Recording   Research   Activity Report  
– Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference  Slides, Recordings, Activity Reports

Recorded Webinars:
– Coming soon!

2023 Recordings, Slides & Activity Sheets

-Youth Services Workshop Hand outs and Resources   Activity Sheet  
-WVLS Director’s Retreat
-Tech Days – Resources
-Wisconsin Trustee Training Week – Resources
-Children’s Book Fest – Evening Report  Morning Report
-Wisconsin Libraries Talk About Race – Resources 
-Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference  Slides, Recordings, Activity Reports

Recorded Webinars:
-How to Write Effective Survey Questions to Get Useful Data  Recording  Slides   Activity Report
-Social Media: Challenges and Trends  Recording  Activity Report
-Genealogy Basics with Ancestry   Recording and Slides    Activity Report


2022 Recordings, Slides & Activity Sheets

Dec. 7: The Reluctant Library Advocate   Resources and Recording
Dec. 2: Youth Services Workshop  Sarah Slides Melissa Slides  Activity Report  
Sept. 16: The Challenging Patron Workshop Slides
Aug. 22-26: Wisconsin Trustee Training Week   Resources
May 5: Public Libraries and Fake News   Recording  Slides  Resources   Activity Report
April 28: Where Does the Money Come From? Public Library Funding in Wisconsin  Recording   Slides  Activity Sheet
April 19: Enhancing Your Workplace Culture  Activity Report   Contact to request the recording.
Jan. 26-27: Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference  Slides, Recordings, Activity Reports

Recorded Webinars:
Management and Retention of Public Records  Recording  Slides  Activity Sheet
Infinite Tech Questions…Itty-Bitty Working Space   Recording   Slides   Activity Sheet
Social Media Trends for 2022/2023 and Beyond   Recording  Slides   Activity Sheet


2021 Recordings, Slides & Activity Sheets

Dec. 9: Youth Services Workshop      Activity Sheet
Nov. 12: Library Marketing Plan Workshop – Contact Jamie at for resources
Oct 6: Best Practices in Volunteer Management   Recording    Slides    Activity Sheet
Sept. 30: Actively Anti-Racist Library Service to Leisure Readers  Recording
Sept. 29: Hiring in 2021 and Beyond    Recording  Slides    Activity Sheet
Sept. 22: Compassion Resilience and Anxiety Management…  Recording  Slides  Activity Sheet
Sept. 16-17:  Tech Days  Resources and Recordings
Aug. 23-27: Wisconsin Trustee Training Week  Resources and Recordings
Summer 2021: Workforce Resource: Meet Your Partners June 16th Recording   Agenda/Resources
April 29: RA for All: Flip the Script and Think Like a Reader (Covid Edition)  Recording  Slides  Handouts   Activity Sheet
April 22: Diversifying Your Collection as a Small Library  Recording    Slides  Activity Sheet
April 19: Meet Your Partners: Workforce Resources (LAWDS) Recording  Activity Sheet
April 15: From Plexiglass to Physical Distancing: Library Spaces in 2021  Recording   Slides  Chapters  Safety Guidelines  Pandemic Reopening    Activity Sheet
April/May: Meet Your Partners: Workforce Resources (LAWDS) Materials
Jan. 27-28: Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference  Post-Conference Resources

Recorded Webinars
Providing Great Customer Service (During a Pandemic)  Recording  Activity Sheet   Slides
The Only Thing More Exhausting Than Mental Illness…  Recording  Activity Sheet Slides
Top Tips for Online Presentations   Recording   Activity Sheet    Slides

2020 Recordings, Slides & Activity Sheets

Dec. 3: Youth Services Workshop  Activity Sheet  Recording 
Nov. 17: Serving All Adults  Recording  Activity Sheet   Slides  Resources  Recording
Oct. 20: Advocacy: Promoting the Value of Your Library  Recording  Activity Sheet Slides
Fun, Free and Unique Tools to Help Keep You Sane  Recording   Activity Sheet   Hand Out with Links
Oct. 13: Library Engagement: What Your Community Needs and How to Respond  Recording   Slides   Activity Sheet
Oct. 6: Introduction to Marketing: It’s More Than Emails, Newsletters, and Social Media  Recording   Slides   Activity Sheet
Sept. 23-24: Tech Days  Recordings  Slides  and Activity Sheets
Aug. 24-28: Wisconsin Trustee Training Week  Recordings, Slides and Activity Sheets
April 15: When the Library Makes Mistakes   Recording  Slides  Activity Sheet
Giving Bad News (Recorded Webinar)   Recording   Resources    Survey  Activity Sheet
April 8: Dealing with Hostile and Potentially Dangerous Library Users   Recording  Slides   Activity Sheet
April 1: The Ethics of Library Customer Service   Recording  Slides  Activity Sheet
Feb. 13: An Introduction to Creating a Library Marketing Plan  Recording  Activity Sheet
Jan. 22-23: Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference   Recordings & Slides   Activity Sheets

Recorded Webinars:
Upping Your Virtual Programming Game:  Recording  Resources  Slides    Survey  Activity Sheet
Fun, Free and Unique Tools to Help Keep You Sane:  Recording   Activity Sheet   Hand Out with Links  Survey
Giving Bad News:  Recording   Resources    Survey   Activity Sheet

2019 Recordings, Slides & Activity Sheets

Dec. 14: NWLS Winter Retreat  Activity Report  Accessibility Slides     Superior Service
Dec. 4: Super Storytimes! Annual Youth Services Workshop   Activity Sheet

Nov. 6: Tech Days West – Wausau  Mind the Gap Final  Website  Productivity Tools     Security + Privacy   You can do IT
Database Down Low   Activity Sheet
Oct. 29: Effective Messaging for Library Support   Recording  Slides  Activity Sheet
Oct. 15: Creating Compelling Copy – aka Persuasive Writing and How to Effectively Tell Your Library’s Story  Recording  Slides  Activity Sheet
Oct. 1: How (and Why) to Do a Simple External Communications Audit  Recording  Slides  Hand Out  Activity Sheet
Sept. 26: WVLS Director’s Retreat  Activity Sheet
Aug. 12-16: Wisconsin Trustee Training Week: Activity Sheets, Recordings & Slides
May 7: The Bubbler Makes Over WVLS:  Activity Sheet
April 23: Are You Ready for a Building Project?:  Activity Sheet
April 17: Outdoor Learning at the Library: It’s Only Natural  Activity Sheet   Recording  Slides
April 4: Creativity and Aging: Activity Sheet
March 27: From Inbox to Completion: The Secrets to Successful Workflow  Activity Sheet, Recording and Slides
March 20: Overcoming the Email Avalanche  Activity Sheet, Recording and Slides
March 5-6: Children’s Book Fest  Night Presentation Activity Sheet    Day Presentation Activity Sheet
Jan. 31: What I Wish I Had Known: Reflections of a Public Library Director  Activity Sheet(Live)   Activity Sheet(Recording)  Slides   Recording
Jan. 23-24: Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference  Activity Sheets   Slides & Recordings
Jan. 9: Rethinking Programming  Activity Sheet  Slides   Recording

2018 Recording, Slides & Activity Sheets

Dec. 14: NWLS Winter Retreat  Activity Sheet
Nov. 15: WVLS Peer Training Day   Activity Sheet
Nov. 8: Youth Services Workshop  Activity Sheet

Oct. 17: Apps and Beyond: Technology in the Library  Activity Sheet   Recording  Slides  VPN Page
Oct. 16: Gale Courses Launch Workshop    Activity Sheet  Recording
Oct. 4: Responding to Active Threat in the Workplace  Activity Sheet
Sept. 18-20: Tech Days Workshops    Slides, Resources and Activity Sheets
Aug. 13-17: Trustee Training Week    Recordings, Slides and Activity Sheets
Aug. 2: Leading with Compassion  Activity Sheet  Climate survey  Training Doc  Recording   Slides   
June 7:  Dealing with Substance-Abusing Patrons in the Library  Activity Sheet   Recording
April 26: Show it Off: The Power of Merchandising    Activity Sheet  Recording
April 24: STEAM in Youth Services    Activity Sheet  Agenda    Emily’s Slides
April 5: The Ins & Outs of Media Literacy   Activity Sheet  Recording   Jeff’s Slides   Lindsay’s Slides
Feb. 27: Marketing Library Programs for Increased Impact  Activity Sheet  Recording  Slides
Jan. 23-25: Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference  Activity Sheets   Recording and Slides

2017 Recordings, Slides & Activity Sheets

Graphic Design for Libraries   Activity Sheet   Recording
Promoting Your Collection: Merchandising and More  Activity Sheet  Recording   Slides
Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Video! Using Video to Market Library Services  Activity Sheet  Recording  Slides
Are You Being Served? Programming for Emerging Adults   Activity Sheet   Recording  Slides
Database Overview   Activity Sheet  Recording  Hand Out
Tips for Building a Well-Rounded Collection for Youth   Activity Sheet Recording
Effectively Managing Customer Behaviors  Activity Sheet  Recording  Slides
Wisconsin Trustee Training Week   Activity Sheets and Recordings
Data Into Action; Or Translating Your Web Stats Into To-Dos  Activity Sheet Recording Slides
Making a Collection Count   Recording
Power Up! Teen Leadership in Your Library and Beyond  Activity Sheet  Recording  Slides
30-Minute Thursday: Big Ideas with an Itty-Bitty Budget   Activity Sheet  Recording  Slides
The All-Generation Library   Activity Sheet  Recording  Slides
Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference  Activity Sheets  Recordings

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