Building Resources

Need fresh eyes to look at your space or a partner to brainstorm with? Contact Anne Hamland at or 715-839-5082 ext.150

Your library will be creating products to plan, inform, and market your building project.

Gather your marketing toolkit:

  • Library logo
    • jpg, png image files for internet use
    • pdf image file for print
    • small and large files
  • Designate one email address for all building project contact
  • Gather or take pictures of current library space, indoor and outdoor, preferably on a sunny day
  • Create an email list to send project updates and communications to the public: newspaper, radio, news channel, chamber, city council, city clerk, city departments, library board, friends of the library…

Compare your space, needs, performance with libraries in Wisconsin and across the country with these tools.

Evaluate what you currently have (facts): collections, public work areas, public computers, staff workspace.

Compare: What were the needs of the library when this space was built? What are the need of the library now?

What are your space needs for: traditional collection, programming, workspace, reading, browsing, small groups, large groups, parking, storage, public computers…

Is your space accessible? Inclusive?

Is your space up to building code?

Webinars & Self-paced Learning

  • Building Project Webinar Series (WVLS/IFLS)

  • Are You Ready for a Building Project? Assessing Space Needs and Community Readiness, April 2019

    • John Thompson, Director, IFLS Library System
  • Free Web Junction Series: “Making Space for Active Learning in Your Library” 

    Betha Gutsche leads the FREE, self-paced, three-part series.

    • Active Learning and Community Discovery
    • From Discovery to Design
    • Action Planning and Implementation

    Course material was developed as part of the Small Libraries Create Smart Spaces project, funded by OCLC and a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). WebJunction partnered with the Association of Rural and Small Libraries (ARSL)

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