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NEW! Breaking the Binary
Time: 17:56
In this Digital Byte, Sarah discusses pronouns, gender identity, gender expression, and more.

NEW! Finding Books By Grade Level
Time: 4:56
This Digital Byte focuses on finding books at a particular reading level, and more specifically, how to search Aspen for books using Accelerated Reader book level and Accelerated Reader interest level filters. Watch

NEW! Making a Mistake
Time: 6:51
In this Digital Byte, Jamie talks what to do when you make a mistake at work. Watch


Recent Digital Bytes

7 Tips for Unpleasant Conversations
Time: 3:42
Do you need to have an uncomfortable conversation and worried that it might not go well? In this Digital Byte, Jamie offers some helpful tips.

Time: 3:42
In this Digital Byte, Jamie shares an audio content tool called Mote. How does it work and how can it be used in library collaboration?

Supporting & Representing Indigenous People in the Library
Time: 22:31
In this Digital Byte, Angela Bodzislaw from Spooner Memorial Library and Laura Merchant from Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College Extension discuss representing and supporting indigenous people in the library. This presentation includes topics of Land Acknowledgement, addressing historical trauma, cultural responsiveness, evaluating collections, and partnering with Indigenous organizations.

Creating a Web Button for Library Stories
Time: 6:35
In this Digital Byte, Anne talks about an easy and convenient way to collect library stories.

Library Employment, Part 3
Time: 5:41
In Part 3 of this series on Library Employment, Jamie shares where to post library jobs, and how WVLS can assist.

Library Employment, Part 2
Time: 5:13
In this three-part series on library employment, Jamie talks about how to post an open position of employment for your library.

Latest Digital Byte

Annual Report
  • Keeping Track: Recording Program Statistics in the Wisconsin Public Library Annual Report 32:29   Watch     Transcript
Continuing Education
  • Continuing Education Resources  5:22   Watch
  • Forms for Public Library Certification   6:35   Watch
Customer Service
Databases/Online Resources
  • JCW Resume Builder 10:29  Watch
  • NoveList Plus 10:50   Watch
  • Sharing Gale Courses Links 2:15    Watch
Marketing, Social Media & Advocacy
    • Bitmoji  8:51   Watch
    • Communications Tips (While Wearing a Mask)  8:07  Watch
    • Creating a Bitmoji Library 12:34   Watch  More Resources
    • Creating Transparent Logos 6:28  Watch
    • Free Stock Photos   5:32    Watch
    • Introduction to Canva 27:44    Watch      Digital Bytes Training Guide
    • MailChimp   6:08   Watch
    • Photo Editing Apps    5:55  Watch
    • Print Friendly   2:55   Watch
    • Scheduling Facebook Posts    4:06   Watch
    • Scheduling Facebook Posts On Your Mobile Device   2:59   Watch
    • Social Media Message Optimizer  5:26  Watch
    • Images on Websites Time: 12:24 Watch
    • URL Shorteners   2:35   Watch
    • Writing a Press Release  9:03     Watch   Training Guide
    • Zoterobib: Creating a Bibliography    4:05  Watch


Technology Tools
  • Bitmoji  8:51   Watch
  • Creating a Web Button for Library Stories   6:35   Watch
  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Website Immediately   14:31    Watch      Training Guide
  • Google Form Registration15:38   Watch
  • Images on Websites 12:24   Watch
  • Online Digital Book Club 7:35  Watch
  • Sliders Accessibility and Mobile-Friendly Design  4:57  Watch
  • Spring Cleaning for Your Website    8:00   Watch    Training Guide
  • URL Shorteners   2:35   Watch
Workplace Problem Solving & Culture
  • Basic Computer Skills   10:17    Watch
  • CDC App  4:11  Watch
  • Challenging Colleagues   14:04   Watch     Training Guide
  • Internal Customer Service: Strong Work Ethic   11:41   Watch    Training Guide
  • Meeting Tips   11:12   Watch   Training Guide
  • Mindfulness App  2:12  Watch
  • Library Employment, Part 1  8:27  Watch
  • Library Employment, Part 2   5:13   Watch
  • Library Employment, Part 3   5:41   Watch
  • Password Protecting a Document   3:30   Watch
  • Positive Work Culture   12:33    Watch     Digital Byte Training Guide
  • Print Friendly   2:55   Watch
  • Tomato Timer  4:08   Watch
  • Hemingway App   3:21   Watch
  • Unpleasant Conversations (During a Pandemic) 9:15  Watch
  • Windows Snipping App   3:37   Watch
  • Zoterobib: Creating a Bibliography  4:05  Watch
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