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Libraries [are] safe places where people care and want to help, and where core professional values of respect and confidentiality are upheld,” said former U.S. Army combat medic Jason Deitch. As service members become Veterans, they and their families have many needs, and America’s libraries are well-positioned to address them.

Often working with Veterans Service Organizations, librarians assist Veterans with learning about available benefits, help translate military work skills to civilian employment, and reinforce family and community connections. Roughly 120,000 strong, libraries are conveniently located across the United States and possess trusted resources and knowledgeable staff ready to serve those who have served our country.

In developing initiatives to help and honor our Veterans, policy makers in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and other federal agencies, the White House, U.S. Congress, and national funders and advocates should look to libraries as partners in this important work.

Read the full article “Libraries Help and Honor our Veterans.” American Libraries Direct, November 18, 2016

Libraries can help by:

  • Delivering Relevant Resources and Services
    • Partner with Veteran organizations who can help veterans access resources and services such as the Maine Volunteer Lawyers Project, a monthly legal aid clinic.
    • Resume, interview and job skill workshops.
  • Collaborating with Veterans Service Organizations
    • Provide safe, confidential space for organizations to meet with veterans.
    • Provide space for peer-to-peer groups.
  • Connecting Communities and Honoring Service
    • Provide a platform for veterans to share their experiences.
      • Coffee with a Vet, monthly program
    • Veterans reading group
    • Exhibits and speaking opportunities